DNK is a young brand of children's and adult clothes, created for those who want to look outside the box and stand out in the crowd.
Our mission is clothing that is thought out to the last detail for every child, teenager and adult, these are non-standard solutions, original cuts, carefully adjusted finishes, as well as convenience, comfort and safety.

The peculiarity of the things we create is their uniqueness and excellent quality. Our collections are an alternative to the mass market, these are things for children and parents who want to break stereotypes and set their own rules.

We have limited collections and limited editions.

Our online store of children's and adult clothes is for those who are not afraid to express themselves and show inner character even at a young age, for those who like to experiment with images, who are looking for self-expression. Without losing the latest trends in clothing, you can easily assemble in our Family Look store, it always attracts the eye and creates a solid image of a conceptually dressed family.
All our things are convenient and comfortable, do not hinder movement, they are suitable for both active walks and sports. It is convenient to travel, walk, play and just live in them!

And, of course, we more than anyone understand how quickly children grow up, so we make prices as affordable as possible! For those who hunt for discounts - the section "Sale of children's and adult clothes", things get there in the latest sizes and variations, we also like to organize promotions and sales, it's so great to find a cool thing at a discount!

It became easy and affordable to buy children's clothes in Rostov-on-Don and many other cities, as well as countries. You do not have to worry about receiving an order, we deliver our parcels using such delivery methods as:
⦁ Courier delivery (CDEC, BoxBerry, IML, EMS)
⦁ Russian Post
⦁ It is also possible to pick up the parcel yourself.

If you have difficulty in making an order through the online store - we are always in touch and ready to assist in choosing the right size and make all the necessary measurements. You can subscribe to the most current positions and we will definitely inform you about the availability of goods on the site.

DNK, as manufacturers of children's clothing, we care about the health and convenience of your children, so we use only natural and high-quality fabrics for sewing children's clothing, carefully drafted patterns and unique author prints.
All products are certified, undergo double quality control of quality control and sew according to GOST. We buy fabrics only from the best manufacturers from Europe, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates.

Every year we produce more than 80,000 products.

The online store of children's and adult clothes DNK has long been a leader in fashion, speaking as a partner and participant of the best shows (Participants of Belarus Fashion Week 2018 and Moscow Fashion Week 2018), children's beauty contests and concept projects (in 2017 we became the winners of the annual awards KIDS FASHION AWARDS 2017).

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Our “star projects” are collaborations with Black Star Wear (“Alice in Wonderland” by Simona), Alexey Vorobev (DNK & AlexSparrow), VelvetMusic (for Marie Crymbreri), Natalia Zubareva.

We are constantly growing and developing!

In the autumn of 2018. We launched the charity line GOOD for the charity foundation "DOBRYAK CLUB". All sales revenue is transferred to a charity fund.

In December 2018 A store has opened in the shopping center "MEGA" in Rostov-on-Don.

We are always ready to cooperate! Both with retail and wholesale buyers. A franchise store has already been opened in Blagoveshchensk, two stores are being prepared for launch in Moscow and Krasnodar.

DNK is not just typical clothes, it is a separate image of the vision of style and taste. For those who, like us, are passionate about fashion, creativity and want to change the world!

Whose child is the coolest dressed?