The largest selection of clothes for children

In our online children's clothing store offers products for the youngest children and before the teenage period. Our catalog contains conveniently located information about models. You can easily find the right things by spending the minimum amount of time. We cooperate only with trusted suppliers who have extensive experience and supply the highest quality products. The manufacturer of children's clothing has positive reviews on the market providing services and products. We adhere to all hygienic standards and use strictly certified products.

There is nothing more important in the world than a child, and his health is a priceless gift. We guarantee quality and are responsible for each item presented in the catalog.

To make an order, you need to visit our official page, choose your favorite item and buy it. If you doubt the correctness of the size, our manager will contact you as soon as possible and will be happy to help you choose the right size. To do this, when ordering, do not forget to include your contact phone number. We send your order in any way convenient for you, except for this there is a courier delivery of children's clothing around the city. If for any reason you want to return the purchase, we will refund your money in full.

You can buy baby clothes in Rostov-on-Don by visiting our online store today. We are pleased to offer our assistance in addressing the most unusual requests.

Our range

1. Dress for the girl. The brightest models. A huge selection of colors, from delicate tones to motley prints. Dress - the most necessary thing in the wardrobe of the girl. Here you can choose an outfit for your princess for every taste and for any event.

2. School uniform. We have collected in our catalog the most fashionable and popular models of school uniforms. High quality fabric will not deteriorate from everyday wear. The raw materials from which the models are made have universal strength and a hypoallergenic composition. The clothes from our store will undoubtedly please you throughout the school year, because it is comfortable and reliable.

3. Winter jacket. Peering into the section of winter clothing, you can get acquainted and purchase winter jackets for boys and girls. The water-repellent fabric will not allow wet in wet weather, and high-quality filler will keep the heat at the optimum temperature for the child's body. Different models and colors for every taste. We use solid hardware and give a guarantee of long-term use of each item.

4. Costume for children. You will be able to choose various variations of suits for boys and girls in our catalog, the presented goods. Natural fabrics using polyester, used in our models, will make every step of your child comfortable and uncompressed. Suits available for both kids and teens. Calm shades and bright colors, you will definitely find what you were looking for.

Children's clothing in Rostov is in our online store. Make the right choice and buy a quality, durable outfit for your crumbs.

5. Clothing for newborns. This is the most important and significant section for each mommy. After all, we all want our crumb to receive only the best. Clothes for the little ones in our online store are a special product, we picked it up with genuine tenderness so that every mother could express her feelings for a small miracle. Quality materials, beautiful models will create maximum care for your child’s body.

6. Envelope for discharge. Meeting the baby from the maternity ward is an important event for any family. We want it to be unforgettable. The envelopes are available in several versions, summer, lightweight models and winter with sheepskin-based weatherization.

7. Products for kids. You can purchase children's accessories, cosmetics of famous brands and much more by visiting our store.

8. Clothing with a skull. Such a favorite model among adolescents, made on t-shirts and jumpers. And the shirt with the skull became the sales leader last year. Visit our online store, and you will find fashionable children's clothing in Rostov for children of all ages. You will undoubtedly pick up the latest children's fashion in the children's knitwear section. We are pleased to please you with T-shirts for boys and girls from the new collection, little dandies will certainly appreciate your choice.

In addition, we invite you to the seasonal sale of children's clothing. Hurry up to buy things at the lowest price, such actions are held regularly and are in great demand among our regular customers.

9. Children's clothes for girls are observed with the preservation of all fashion trends, because modern children are more difficult to please every year. Skirts, dresses, sundresses like from the pages of a glossy magazine will appeal to even the most strict fashionista.

10. Children's clothes for boys are made in compliance with the latest trends in clothing, so modern fashion dictates with